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Brown World -

A blog about the world and where it is headed. We believe it is headed into a multicultural realm with curly hair and brown eyes. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Constant opinions -

Thoughts on various current issues. Mostly political but not of either major political party. Other issues including business, controversial, education, health and fitness, and technology.

Democracy -

Learn about a new kingdom idea, a democratical kingdom and an united kingdom, which I do believe it is the only kingdom or state in the world which is democratic and united... For a kingdom to be united it must to be a democratical kingdom, and for a kingdom to be democratic it must to be an united kingdom...

Election 2008 News -

A blog with daily news about the antics, rants, and raves of the 2008 Presidential Election.

More Ass Less Bush -

More Ass Less Bush celebrates the state of affairs of the current U.S. government. We don't claim to understand anything about the science of politics, but we sure know how to laugh. Sometimes, we laugh so hard we fart, then we laugh harder.

New Century Politics -

Insight, Analysis & Action

The democracy initiative -

The free election project called the Democracy initiative is a project to put free elections on the agenda again. By talking and writing about democracy it will become obvious that democracy is still an important topic.

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