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Antibody&Beyond -

Includes antibody search engines, methods, techniques, protocols, reviews, books, and discussion forums.

Apoptosis Resource -

Information on apoptosis. Apoptosis laboratory protocols and resources. Apoptosis forum. Updated apoptosis blog.and news.

Aqualutions - Catfish Diagnostics -

We serve the Catfish industry as suppliers of diagnostic products for disease detection. Our product offers Catfish farms a simple, affordable, and effective monitoring system that will decrease their losses and increase their profitability.

Bio-alive -

The place to watch and share life science videos worldwide through the web. Free to upload and watch videos in all life science fields such as biology, neuroscience, histology, pathology, immunology, laboratory method, technique, procedure and more.

Bioinformatics Databases -

bioinformatics, bioinformatic, databases, tool, software, informatics, information, forum

Cell Culture Protocols -

Information about cell culture, cell media conditions, and cell biology protocols.

Cryogenic Equipment and Supplies -

Online cryogenic equipment and industrial cryogenics store for CryoBiologic applications. Providing manual fill freezers, racking systems, dry vapor shippers, liquid nitrogen supply systems, plastic and cardboard boxes, CryoSystem mid-range vial storage, and more. Also providing factory rebuilt equipment, and accessories.

DNA Station -

DNA Station is a website on DNA, inheritance, deoxyribonucleic acid, and has information and links on DNA protocols and techniques, as well as a DNA forum and on DNA structure, DNA replication, DNA properties, nucleotides, DNA strand direction, DNA repair, DNA in medicine, Mendel, Inheritance, Genetic Variation, Evolution and a history on the discovery of DNA.

DNA Testing Alabama -

Determigene provides accurate & confidential DNA testing services to determine paternity, infidelity & siblingship in Alabama..

drug-drug interactions prediction -

Simcyp is a research-based drug development and information management consultancy. Simcyp delivers leading-edge science that accelerates drug discovery and development for its consortium of member pharmaceutical companies.

Elisa -

Information on ELISA Assay. Protocols, methods and techniques.

Epigenetics Station -

Learn about epigenetics and the histone code, and techniques and protocols to study these changes.

Generic Pesticides -

Pacific Agriscience has extensive expertise in agricultural science and technology. Besides agricultural chemicals, we also offer you a wide range of high-performance specialty chemicals like Polymers & Thermoplastics, Semiconductors and Automotive components.

IHC World -

Immunohistochemistry and histology related methods, techniques, protocols, books, and discussion forums.

Knockout Mouse -

Learn about transgenic mice and knockout mouse models. Includes links to knock out mouse services and knockout mouse bioinformatics.

Knockout Mouse Research -

Portal dealing with knockout and transgenic mice (and other transgenic organisms) including hot new publications, jobs, news, lab registry, scientist rankings and much more, updated daily.

Laboratory Methods and Protocols -

Your one stop information source for laboratory protocols and related science information. Keep up to date in science when visiting our blog.

Manufacturer & exporters of Laboratory Equipments. -

Manufacturers & exporters of high pressure reactors,stirred pressure reactors,high pressure laboratory autoclaves.

Microarray -

Find information on DNA and protein microarrays. Includes protocols and methods for array research. Also has the latest news and publications using microarrays.

Molecular Biology Bioinformatics -

Find protocols and methods categorized by molecular biology research field. Includes listings of bioinformatic tools and databases. Discuss research problems in the biology forum.

Monoclonal Polyclonal Antibodies -

Learn about monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies. Information on antibody protocols, custom antibody suppliers, antibody microarrays, and a directory of antibody products by science field.

Nf-kb Signalling System -

For NF-kB & TLR signaling studies; IMGENEX offers a complete line of antibodies, inhibitors, ELISA assays, and RNAi kits to complement customer’s needs.

Peptides -

peptide, peptides, custom peptide synthesis, companies, vendors, protocols, methods, information, learn, synthesize,

Polar Bear -

BearPlanet have info about Polar Bear, Grizzly, Big, Panda and Black bear and covers all aspects of bears attributes for all species of bears!

Trophort: Biology, Agriculture and Horticulture -

TropHort provides historic and current articles in biology and in the applied life sciences agriculture and horticulture.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking -

Cord blood banking and umbilical cord blood preservation and storage services for parents and hospitals. Cord Blood Stem Cell banking partnerships with hospitals throughout the United States.

Western Blotting -

Learn about the western blot technique. Includes a forum on westernblotting, a troubleshooting guide and protocols related to immunoblotting.