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Calcium Chloride: Liquid & Anhydrous Prills -

Canadian supply of liquid calcium chloride (CaCl2) and anhydrous calcium chloride in Edmonton, Alberta: Ward Chemical. Industrial concrete additives, road base stabilization, oil & gas pressure snubbing, drilling mud, corrosion control & more calcium chloride applications.

Cinder Code Volcanoes -

This is a free online volcano database, with information about all the currently known volcanoes. Every volcano features the basic statistics, as well as a very detailed map, with bot urban and satellite photos, and a google earth placeholder.

Dinosaur facts -

Dinosaur facts. The greatest online dinosaur museum in the world. There's 100's of dinosuar pictures, and fossil pics, in depth descriptions, triassic, jurassic, and cretaceous periods

Download Google Earth -

Google Earth is amazing free software that lets you view the entire world in 3D! You can fly anywhere around the globe and even see your own house from space.

Information on Birthstones -

At Beautiful Birthstones, find resources and information on why many people consider birthstone gifts to be perfect for giving to their loved ones on their birthday or Christmas