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Blagues Toto -

French humour and jokes web site dedicated to the most popular French jokes hero Toto. Jokes are classed by category and new ones are added on a continue basis.

Mauvaise Humeur -

Web site dedicated to French humour and jokes offering opinions, review and detailed discussion of different French humour aspects. New resources are added on a continue basis.

The Dragon Stone -

A large collection of dragon mythology and folktales. It includes retellings of the stories and essays. The site also has related information such as sea serpent sightings and fairytales.

Vampire Forum -

An online community for vampires and those interested in vampirism and associated topics. We are a friendly community offering interesting and open discussion about about all aspects of vampires, mythology and folklore, lifestyles, vampire films and books, ghosts, the paranormal and more. We welcome your participation.