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Dept. Arkansas Heritage -

The Department of Arkansas Heritage is charged with preserving, protecting and promoting Arkansas’s rich cultural heritage, from the Arkansas Delta to the Ozark Mountains and everything in between.

MOC - the Grand Priory of Terra Nordica -

The website of the Grand Priory of Terra Nordica of the Militare Ordine del Collare serves to make known the August Dynasty that formerly reigned over the Lands of the Crown of Aragon

Sauniere Society -

Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) is a term used to refer to sounds captured on recorded media or other electronic devices that are thought to be voices of the departed. GhostEVP investigates

Stamp Acts -

Stamp Act describes in detail what a stamp act is, the first British stamp act of 1689, the stamp act of 1765 which sparked the American Revolution, and stamp acts today.